As the largest searchlight company in the state of Nevada, Grofts Searchlight offers a huge selection of lighting equipment for a wide variety of applications. No job is too small or too large! Our lights can be seen for miles! Our business is devoted to providing you with the lighting equipment you need. We offer only top quality lights from reliable manufacturers that you know and trust. Our selection includes:

  • Giant Hollywood Searchlights - 1.2 Billion Candle Power
  • 4 Beam Sky-Tracker Searchlights - 332 Million Candle Power
  • 4 Beams Fast Moving Attention Getting Lights
  • 2 Carbon Arc Search Lights
  • Skytracker Search Lights

We Light the Way to Better Business!!!

Shining in the City
Search Lights at Night
Detailed View
Light During the Day
Front View
With Trailor
Grofts Lights
Back View
Full View of Light
Search Lights
Sky Tracker